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Welcome to the home page of H-GAME! I post the latest information of the work.

Thank you for coming to H-GAME.
I am passionate about adult works. I plan RPG and action, and I am working with illustrators and programmers.
Many niche works, but I will explore such erotic. Cheer thank you.

What's New

Aug/10/2016 We began making "Split Of Knight".
Dec/07/2016 "Split Of Knight" was chosen as green light.
Nov/01/2017 "Split Of Knight" has been completed. It is coming soon.

New product information

Split Of Knight

** Categories **
Role-playing game

** Adult(Hentai) Patches **
The illustrations of the game can be replaced with adult-only illustrations.
You can install the patches free of charge.

** Story **
The Seguria continent, a world with a scattering of towns and dungeons...
There is a village called Each in the continent, where there lived a girl named Rose.

She was born into a family line of chevaliers, and since she was young she wanted to help others as her father had done, and trained to be a knight.
Rose was able to help others in various situations and she assisted many people.
As a result, she became very popular among the people and children in the town.
One day her father gave her a symbol of qualification and told her that she "needed to undergo the final trial to qualify as an authorized knight".

The final trial was to receive the ceremony of baptism in Titus, the earth at the end of the world.
She left the Each village, her dear old home town, to travel around the world and headed for Titus to receive knighthood...

** Characters **
- Rose (main character)
A girl who received sword training from her father in the Each village.
She cannot help but assist people in trouble. She is capable of learning sword techniques.

- Angelica (Ann)
Elf girl. She can learn Bow and Arrow techniques, Recovery magic, Auxiliary magic.
She is a little placid.

- Dahlia
Dark elf girl. She can learn Stick techniques, Attack magic,Auxiliary magic.
She is gruff to people when she meets them first, but she can talk normally once she opens up.

- Gerbera
Female pirate who explores the seas on the Sunflower.
She can learn Gun techniques. She is reliable and has leadership skills.
She is the oldest person in the party.

** Game System **
- Skill get system
When your level goes up you can get skill points and you can learn skills freely.
There are two kinds of skills.
The first is common skills in the "body" of all characters, and other skills are exclusive to each character.
(sword skill, recovery magic, etc.)

- Battle
Battles take place in "side view"

- Recovery magic depends on Res
Be aware that the recovery quantity of recovery magic doesn't increase when Int is raised

- Special attacks
Each enemy has attribute resistance against attacks, and if you attack them when their attribute resistance is low, you can cause greater damage. (example: Flying enemies are weak against bow and arrows...)
On the contrary some enemies have higher attribute resistance against particular attacks.
When you are unable to cause as much damage as you expect, it will benefit you to change the method of attack.
(Ex. When you attack fire attribute enemies with the fire attribute attack method) 

** Compatible Devices **

CPU : Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo CPU E8600 @ 3.33GHz
Memory : 4095MB
OS : Windows7 Windows10
Language : English


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Renele and Armor of Devil

Split Of Knight
"Adult (Hentai) Patches" version



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